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2020 SEP


Nina Reid


Accelerating to net zero

Watch Nina Reid, our Director of Responsible Property Investment, on the implications of net zero for real estate investors and how we are taking a proactive approach to smooth the transition to low carbon investing for investors, and drive long-term performance.

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Jo Waldron, director of private credit


Spotlight on private credit markets

How have private credit markets reacted following the gradual easing of national lockdowns and unprecedented levels of financial stimulus?

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2020 AUG


Michael Posnansky, senior credit analyst


Focus on ESG engagement in corporate debt

Engaging with companies over their ESG characteristics can be an important factor when considering investing in their bonds or loans.
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M&G Real Estate


The tipping point - a new reality for offices?

With offices around the world shut down in response to government containment measures, home working policies have been adopted en masse. But individual experience has been far from consistent.
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2020 JUL


M&G Institutional


Why are residential mortgage and consumer loan pools attractive for insurers?

Consumer finance is one of the largest and most diverse credit asset classes in Europe, and is particularly attractive for insurers subject to Solvency II. Yet, few insurance investors have any kind of direct exposure to the asset class, with the exception of Dutch residential mortgages. Here, we make the case for investing in pools of residential mortgages and consumer whole loans, and explore the specific benefits available to insurers.

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M&G Real Estate


APAC Real estate Outlook

In line with global economies, a recession scenario appears likely for the five developed Asia Pacific economies this year. However their relative preparedness in handling the pandemic and governments’ strong fiscal and monetary support means they are expected to recover relatively quickly from H1 2021 onwards
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M&G Real Estate


Investing with purpose

A responsible approach to investing, to deliver not only financial benefits but positive social value, is more pertinent than ever.

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M&G Institutional


Leveraged loan investment and ESG factors in light of Covid-19

In its all-encompassing impact, Covid-19 must raise regard for all stakeholders. Can the private equity playbook be unaffected in the post-Covid era? Equally, with momentum building behind other societal challenges, like climate change, how can the private corporate world be encouraged to move forward?

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